Steve Clisby on The Voice Australia

My personal friend Steve Clisby is a contestant on The Voice Australia this season.

Steve is a very talented guy with a great work ethic, apart of being a pianist and singer Steve is also a great photographer. I have a great shot of Sydney which he brought as a gift to my house in lieu of wine one time when he came to dinner. Guests like that are always appreciated.

Steve really knows how to look after his health, being a person who does not eat meat and who does not drink alcohol or smoke. It shows in his face that he’s happy and healthy.

Dinner at home with Steve Clisby, Taj Mahal, Kester Smith and Larry Fulcher
Dinner at home with Steve Clisby, Taj Mahal, Kester Smith and Larry Fulcher

Steve Clisby @ The Basement

We were privileged to see Steve Clisby and his band perform at the Basement in Sydney recently.

Steve Clisby

Steve’s website describes his style… “As an adult contemporary artist Steve’s music has a distinctive and original edge as well as the smooth jazz/soul influence that defines his style.

Steve and all his band members (Bill Risby on keyboard, bass guitarist Alex Hewetson, Warren Trout on drums and Carl Dewhurst on saxophone) played a great tight sound with their obvious experience and rapport showing through.

Steve Clisby & his Band @ The Basement

I see that Steve has released his own iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch app. Here’s what he said “I’m a big fan of new technology and the most exciting thing of the past month for me has been the release of my own iPhone app which is now available on Apple’s App Store. You can download it from HERE. The app contains information about me and my music as well as a couple of tracks alongside pictures and videos. it’s a very compact yet user-friendly app, so if you own an iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad, just download and enjoy, it’s free!”

Island Shirts Rule!

Another great dinner at our house last night with special guests, our friends Eric Bibb & his partner Sari, along with new friend Staffan Astner, plus Steve Clisby and Mizue Funakoshi.  Appetizer of Japanese style pickled fried fish (thanks Mizue), Entree of Fijian style mainiated raw fish, pasta with broccoli, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and pan fried Tasmanian altantic salmon and ending with Indian style rice pudding with spices, sultanas and slivered almonds.

Island Shirts Rule!

Steve, Robert, Eric and Staffan

Eric Bibb on Tour in Australia

After a 2 year break Eric Bibb ( has returned to Australia.  Robert & I are always happy to see Eric back on our shores. Another opportunity to keep in touch and have a great meal.  Dinner with Eric, Sari, Staffan Astner, Steve Clisby( and Mizue Funakoshi ( on April 14 consisted of dahl, Indian style fried fish, Fiji style fried fish in coconut sauce with cherry tomatoes, pumpkin curry, special rice, handmade roti and salad.  Yumm!

Eric Bibb & Staffan AstnerWe were again fortunate to see Eric perform @ the Enmore Theatre on 15 April.  Parking was a nightmare!!  We drove around for 45 minutes looking for somewhere to park.  Finally found a spot in a dodgy lane with unclear parking signage – we took pics of the sign and car position before we left – just in case.

The Enmore Theatre cascaded (rather than plunged!) into darkness after the show.  Power to the whole block shut down over a couple of minutes.  Something to do do with the downpour of rain I guess. Lucky the gig was over.  Eric was signing CD’s by torch and iPhone light!!

The small “after party” needed to me moved from the black depths of the Enmore backstage.  We were lucky to find an interesting place to land – called El Cuervo Cantina @ 200 Enmore Road on the lucky side of the power outage.  We were entertained by Justo Diaz and Migul Guzman playing traditional Mexican/Spanish music on guitar and bongos and looked after by proprietor Abigail.  Enjoyed their food and atmosphere. Check out

Taj Mahal and the Fish Fry

Earlier this month we again met up with long time friend ,and legendary blues musician, Taj Mahal ( and attended his concert at the Enmore Theatre where he and his band performed along with Buddy Guy and his band.

Taj loves to eat fish, so that’s what we cooked when he came to dinner at home twice. Indian style fried fish, Fijian style fried fish, West Indian style rice, roti and salad – yum.

Taj introduced us to another friend of his, Steve Clisby (, who has lived in Australia for a while now. Steve is performing with his band at The Basement on April 30, so hopefully we’ll catch up with him again then.

Here’s another picture of the smiling guys