New Furniture

Despite the fact that our new home has fewer living spaces (than the house we sold) we needed to get extra chairs due to having to split up our modular leather lounge suite.

We found ourselves with only a three seat lounge in the family room, not good when you have guests. I have been searching online for a solution. Initially I was thinking about the iconic “swan chair” design, but ultimately had the decision made for me when the equally iconic “Barcelona” chair became available at a local store. It was a huge struggle to fit two chairs in our car, but we eventually managed and got them home yesterday. Sure they’re not originals, but who can afford that? Even so I feel lucky to have them. They fit perfectly into the room. Here are a couple of pictures. It’s still a work in progress as I’m working on some new cushions. The scale of the chairs works very well in the room, which is dominated by the large three seat lounge (which I skillfully left out of these pics).


I case you don’t know about the “Barcelona Chair” here is a bit of info from Wikipedia.

“The Barcelona chair is a chair designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich. It was originally designed for the German Pavilion, that country’s entry for the International Exposition of 1929, which was hosted by Barcelona, Spain.”

I find it amazing that a chair designed in 1929 looks so perfect almost 80 years later and in another century.