Robot Vacuum Cleaners, are they worth it?

In my new house we have what seems like acres of white tiled floor. I simply couldn’t keep up with cleaning the dust bunnies and small (make that tiny) winged bugs which seem to get through the screens, determined to find a nice white tiled place to die. Not to mention hair. I go outside to brush my hair but that didn’t stop me finding hair on the floor, every day.

I’ve been checking out the infomercials for robot vacuum cleaners for a while and even checked out a few in person at various stores. I decided I didn’t want to pay almost $700 for the one on the infomercial. So I waited, thinking that Aldi would bring one out soon, and, (drum roll…) they did. We got up bright and early on the appointed Saturday and ventured into the store ($169 in hand), hurriedly scooting down the aisle to find their stock of robot vacs. I was not disappointed. They were neatly piled up, gloriously displayed. I was a bit surprised that not everyone in the store wanted one, anyway that meant I was able to claim one without too much competition.

So upon returning home I opened the box and immediately got it charging. I plugged the charger directly into the unit thinking it might be faster than using the charging dock. I don’t know the answer to that question. When it was fully charged I gleefully used the remote control to start it and off it went.


I have to say that it picked up a lot of hair around the side brush on its first outing, plus dust and grit.


One thing proved to be too much of a challenge for my new flat friend. The fringing on my rugs. Poor little robo kept getting tangled in the fringes and calling (well, beeping…) for help. So there was only one thing to do. Cut the fringing. Not a small undertaking as there are 7 rugs to trim. Anyway most of the job is done and both robo and I are happy.













Cutting the fringing was a small inconvenience for the benefit of having the floors cleaned easily.

The manufacturers talk about gadgets called virtual walls to restrict the cleaners area of work, I have simply put it in a room and shut the door, let it go about its business for say 10 minutes then moved it to another room. It does have challenges navigating lots of chair legs, so I lifted them up for a thorough under the table clean. The floor under furniture has never been so dust-free before and the evil bathroom dust/hair combo has been thwarted. I figure a few minutes every second day solves that problem.

A salesman for another brand told me they were like a carpet sweeper. I disagree. While they aren’t as effective as a super dooper Dyson vac, the unit is very effective, especially considering the effortless nature of the cleaning. Are they worth it? Well I don’t think I’d pay $700 but I paid $169 and I’m very happy.