How to make cushion covers

My fabric order arrived from in the US last week. I love the design and colour I chose. Next we purchased two new chairs, so the onus was on me to actually make the new cushion covers.

The inserts I use are 60cm x 40cm – perfect proportions for the new chairs.

First I created a paper template of the exact size, then placed it on my fabric – single layer – and cut one piece, being careful to place it in the right place for pattern symmetry. Then using the cut piece, and pattern matching as I went, I cut another 3 pieces of each colour fabric. Enough to make 4 cushions.

DSC01659Then I used my overlocker to sew over the edge of all pieces.

Next I use my iron to press a neat fold on the edge where the zip goes.


Then put the zip in and hand tacked it in place – times 4.



Sewing in the zip

Then I sewed along both sides of the zip.



DSC01664All the zips are now sewn in place.





Tacking threads removedAfter completing the 4 zips I removed the tacking threads.





Pin right sides together.




NOTE: remember to open the zip halfway to make it easier to turn inside out after sewing.




Smooth out fabric and measureSmooth out the fabric and measure to make sure you’re on track for the right size covers. Personally I don’t make marks for guidance on sewing the other edges, if you’re not confident you can do so. Complete sewing the over three side of each cushion.


The completed cushions. There are two more as well.

The completed cushions

I hope you like them as much as I do. What do you think?