Fabric Buying Online

We’re pretty settled in our new place, having moved 4 months ago, however there are a few tweaks needed to make for best presentation and comfort. One issue, once winter came, was the uncovered windows above the sliding doors in the kitchen/family room area. When the sun started shining through these windows we knew there was a problem. The sun comes in full on to our music collection and photographs. I decided the only way to overcome it was to cover the windows. Curtains (simple flat ones) are the easiest way. However, that brings up other problems, like finding an appropriate fabric. Not an easy task in Australia. There are a couple of stores which stock furnishing fabric, however I’ve never been impressed by the available range. Of course there are fabric swatch books you can pour over and order from, however as soon as you go down that path the stores seem to charge like wounded bulls.

So I hit the internet. I found some sites with decent ranges and somewhat reasonable prices. One charged in a very strange way – per 45cm unit of length, rather than say by the yard or metre. Even though these guys were based in Australia their shipping cost was very high. That put me off from the start. I continued searching a found a fabulous US website Fabric.com where I spent a happy hour searching. Not only did I find a fabulous fabric, I was able to find it a range of colours. Even better was their pricing and shipping cost. For less than half the price of the Aussie site I was able to order exactly what I wanted. Fabric for the windows, with enough extra to make 2 cushion covers, plus the same fabric in another colour to make a further 2 cushions, all for less that $100 (including shipping). The shipping is via UPS and you get exact tracking details, you can follow the package’s journey the whole way. Having left Georgia on 2 July my package has now departed Hawaii.  The anticipated delivery date (to my door) is July 8. That means 7 working days from the date of my order. If you’re lucky enough to live in the US you get free shipping for orders over $35.

Free Shipping on order $35+

Here is a link to their site (home decor fabrics) Fabric.com

Here are the fabrics I chose.

Embrace in Corn Yellow

Embrace in Tangelo

Royal Weddings

Like lots of others I watched the recent wedding of William and Catherine (I don’t understand how Catherine ever became shortened to Kate, shouldn’t it be Cate?).

How kind it is of the “British Monarchy” to have their own Flickr account http://www.flickr.com/photos/britishmonarchy/tags/rw2011/

I thought William looked spectacular, Harry a little lost in his oversize jacket, but cheeky as usual.  Catherine looked a bit stiff, though who wouldn’t be a bit nervous getting married in front of billions of people. A few people have commented that her make-up looked a bit overdone, I think she looked pretty normal (for her), except that the contrast of her white wedding dress overemphasized it.

Of course there was the unexpected star of the show Pippa’s backview.

Pippa Middletons rear

I did enjoy the spectacle, however my farourite Royal Wedding is still the 2004 marriage of Mary & Frederik.  Probably because of the smaller scale, it seemed that viewers were just looking at the proceedings from their own seat.  Plus it didn’t hurt that Frederik cried!  Today (in Australia) is actually their 7th wedding anniversary.

Take a look at this great panorama picture of their wedding http://www.panoramas.dk/fullscreen3/f20.html

Someone with better photoshop skills than mine spent some idle moments creating the following images.

William & Catherine as CinderellaNot reality though..  see below Cinderella was blonde.

Just how did Beatrice get that ugly hat to stay put?  Superglue??  Staples??

Eric Bibb on Tour in Australia

After a 2 year break Eric Bibb (http://ericbibb.com) has returned to Australia.  Robert & I are always happy to see Eric back on our shores. Another opportunity to keep in touch and have a great meal.  Dinner with Eric, Sari, Staffan Astner, Steve Clisby(http://miracle8.com/) and Mizue Funakoshi (http://www.redzart.com/) on April 14 consisted of dahl, Indian style fried fish, Fiji style fried fish in coconut sauce with cherry tomatoes, pumpkin curry, special rice, handmade roti and salad.  Yumm!

Eric Bibb & Staffan AstnerWe were again fortunate to see Eric perform @ the Enmore Theatre on 15 April.  Parking was a nightmare!!  We drove around for 45 minutes looking for somewhere to park.  Finally found a spot in a dodgy lane with unclear parking signage – we took pics of the sign and car position before we left – just in case.

The Enmore Theatre cascaded (rather than plunged!) into darkness after the show.  Power to the whole block shut down over a couple of minutes.  Something to do do with the downpour of rain I guess. Lucky the gig was over.  Eric was signing CD’s by torch and iPhone light!!

The small “after party” needed to me moved from the black depths of the Enmore backstage.  We were lucky to find an interesting place to land – called El Cuervo Cantina @ 200 Enmore Road on the lucky side of the power outage.  We were entertained by Justo Diaz and Migul Guzman playing traditional Mexican/Spanish music on guitar and bongos and looked after by proprietor Abigail.  Enjoyed their food and atmosphere. Check out http://www.elcuervocantina.com/