Aldi Bauhn 9.7″ Wi-Fi Android Tablet Review

I purchased the Aldi Bauhn Tablet on 23 February 2013 (I also bought the Bauhn Tablet Case and Bluetooth Keyboard).

I had no expectations about the tablet. I just hoped it would work for me.

Aldi Bauhn Tablet Feb 2013

It certainly does. I’m impressed at the battery life 10+ hours suits me fine. The screen is clear – no issues there. The speed is very good, faster  than my cable connected laptop.

At the moment I’m using wi-fi from my home router for the internet connection. I don’t want a monthly plan so I’m considering the Savvytel $99.95 for 10Gig of data – 365 day expiry to get true mobile internet.

I declined to buy the $14.99 SanDisk 16GB SDHC card from Aldi, deciding to purchase a 32GB version for $21.20 on eBay. PS The 32GB card arrived in 2 days. Installed easily (it’s tiny), no problems with the slot cover, tablet picked it up immediately, so now I have 48GB storage.

Re the Bauhn Tablet Case and Keyboard (I’m using it right now) it works fine the bluetooth automatically disconnects after a while (maybe 5 mins) and reconnects when you hit a key. Sure it’s a bit bulky, but it does include the keyboard, like carrying a small book. No problem for me. The issue I have is that it’s obviously NOT designed to fit their own product (most likely suits an iPad better) because the cutouts to allow access to the on/off switch aren’t perfectly placed. The cutout for the rear camera barely makes it over the camera. You can’t access the volume controls at all, but of course you can via the keyboard. The $29.99 price is great, I’ve seen others which look just the same to me for over $80.

So all things considered I’m a very happy buyer. For $249 + $29.99 I’ve got a totally functional android tablet. Well done Aldi.

UPDATE:  With the help of a sharp craft knife my husband cut away sections of the case to make the buttons and headphone jack more accessible. Then I painted over the cut sections with black nail polish – looks just perfect.

UPDATE TWO: My original Bauhn tablet gave me some trouble – doing strange things like accessing apps without my input and then the battery said it was 100% charged one minute and zero charge the next. Once turned off it would not turn back on. I called the Tempo Australia support people who recommended I do a reset – you can do this procedure either from a turned off state or when it’s on – I did the reset and still had issues. I was told to return it (given a return authorisation) and they would check it.  I did return it to them – they give a Australia Post authorisation so I didn’t need to pay for postage. After a few days I called them to check progress and was told the unit was not repairable (I don’t know what went wrong with it) and they sent me a brand new one. The whole return process took a week till I received the new one. So no complaints from me about their service.