Lung cancer – Mesothelioma?

I’ve been thinking about my friend suffering from lung cancer.

How does someone who, is a non-smoker, always kept fit by going to the gym (or working out at home), not overweight – basically a very healthy person – get lung cancer?

One thing which I guess could be a factor is in the past he has worked on an old house, so maybe there was asbestos. Asbestos makes people ill with a very specific form of lung cancer – mesothelioma – I think is the right term.

I know a lot of people have sued companies after they got sick. However, getting involved in a mesothelioma lawsuit is a long, difficult path and I think most of the people who sued because they got mesothelioma would have been employees. I suppose there is a lot of mesothelioma information on the internet so I’ll have to do some more research.

It’s difficult to know how people get cancer, but I do know you can get lung cancer from exposure to asbestos.

It’s certainly something to be aware of if you’re working on an old house, or one you know contains asbestos

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